My favorite birthday gift to make for grown up girls

I feel like I have been slacking a bit on the homemade gifts lately – okay I don’t just feel like it – I have!!  But you know some things take time – which I don’t have a lot of extra of!  Well I finally got my 1st little sister’s (I have 2 little sisters) […]

May Stuffie of the Month! Baby Mine – Pattern Review!

Time for May’s Stuffie of the Month Pattern Review!  This month I made the Baby Mine doll from Nimblephish.  Nimblephish has the cutest stuffie patterns – such a unique style and all adorable.  I love the Baby Mine pattern – not only because it is so cute, but because the finished doll can wear newborn […]

My love language is Gifts! Handmade I gifted in Jan/Feb

My sister says my love language is GIFTS, and yeah I agree with her!  I love giving gifts (I love getting gifts too) but I really love it when someone loves what I gave them….ok that was a lot of love!  But you get my drift.  Since my whole business started due to the compliments […]

Cars favor bags!

For V’s 2nd birthday playdate, blogged about here, we invited 3 kiddos to play at the community center.  Because I just can’t have a “party” without a goody bag – and because V is always carrying 2 or 3 or 4 cars around in his little hands, I decided to make each of the kids […]

Car birthday outfit

Post to come soon about Mr. V’s birthday playdate, but first he needed a new birthday outfit right!  I found a fun checkered flag material and decided to use a pants pattern that I bought at the beginning of summer and still hadn’t done anything with yet.  I used Peekaboo Patterns – Pier 49 convertible […]

It’s a world class Menagerie!

Over the past few months I have been sewing quite a few stuffed animal friends.  Stuffed animals are one of my favorite things to make, to see a cute creature come to life with each piece put together in just the right spot is very fun.  I love giving them a squeeze to make sure […]

My Little Pony Fabric Match Game!

It’s birthday week at our house this week!  Miss O will be turning 4!  We have a big joint birthday party planning this weekend (Mr. V’s bday is in September) but for the morning of O’s birthdate we will be having a fun pony playdate with a few of her girlfriends.  I will be sharing her party […]

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