NEW! Shop directly on the website!

I’m so excited to add another shopping option to my website! Now you can shop for my party printables directly on the site! The etsy shop is still open, but they web shop just might have a few different things on it that aren’t on etsy! Click on the SHOP tab in the main menu […]

My Top 11 favorite posts of 2014

This year it was really challenging to choose just 10 favorite posts, so I picked 11!  I posted 91 times last year – 91 Woah!!  I am so proud of myself!  And so grateful for any and all of my readers.  My page views on the blog went from 875 in December 2013 to 6,126 in […]

Blog/Creative Envy!

I so have creative envy! I have been enjoying looking at creative blogs and every time I start looking at my favs, I find even more. Crafty women who have huge followings and actually make $$ from their blogs! Ahhh I would love to be able to do that – but then self doubt creeps […]

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