My Top 10 Favorite posts of 2013

2014 is already off to a fabulous start for jeni ro designs with my guest post at Shannon Fabrics – if you haven’t seen the cutest lion pillow ever,  go check it out here! I am really looking forward to so many things this year, but even though we are a few weeks into 2014, I […]

The new look of jeni ro designs!

I am so excited!  I feel like such a big girl now – I finally have a cohesive looking brand across all my sites!  I have been working with a designer (Pink Pueblo, check out her shop below) for the past few weeks to come up with a look and feel for jeni ro designs – something […]

jeni ro designs trunk show!

Back in November before I officially launched my etsy shop – my sister had a trunk show for me at her house.  I spent the weeks leading up to it sewing, sewing, sewing away – so I had products to sell.  It was stressful but so exciting and worth it – having the show on […]

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