Birthday gifts for Boys!

We have a lot of birthdays coming up so I have been busy making some fun birthday gifts!! A lot of boy stuff to think of and thankfully the craft web gave me a lot of good ideas!! Here are a few of the finished products. Still more to come though! Magnetic Playset for Owen […]

Easter Goodies

Yeah time to share the Easter Goodies!! I made quite a few things for Olive’s Easter Basket this year, including her basket!! As well as a few goodies for my niece and nephews! Necklace & Bracelet for Olive – found the tutorial here Fleece ducks for Olive and my niece Noel, got the patterns from […]

Crochet food

My 18 month old daughter, loves playing with pretend food. So I have been working on crocheting her food for the past month and I have amassed quite a collection. I was planning on waiting until Easter to give it all to her, but my husband is anxious and wants to give it to her […]


Since my daughter’s name is Olive, I wanted to make a Valentine card that played off – “Olive You”. I found the inspiration from one of Olive’s books – where the author had made all of the animals out of hearts. The owl was so cute and pretty easy to replicate – so this card […]

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