Crafty Christmas!

It was a crafty Christmas from the Robertson’s last year! I think I made about 90% of the gifts we gave. Yes, I am impressed with myself!!
I am grateful for the money left in our childcard account since that is probably the only way I was able to get everything done – Olive got to spend a few days at school so Mommy could craft!!
It was actually a lot of fun and I think everyone like their gifts! I had tons of inspiration (and help) from the craft blogging universe! There is some fun stuff out there!

Camo beanie! I made these for my brother in law, sister’s boyfriend and my dad. Pattern from “The Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller

Wash mitts – for the Boise kiddos. Thank you Martha Stewart for the idea and patterns.

Camo bear and beanie for my cousin’s little boy! Hat pattern from Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller, Bear pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli (but I added the J).

Chalkboard clipboards and bags for my nieces and nephews – I found the tutorial for the clipboard on one of my favorite sites – Little Birdie Secrets.

Holiday wall decoration for my Mom – totally my own design!!


Fabric key fobs for all of the girls! Found the tutorial here.

Sock dog and crocheted fire hat for our best friends’ little boy. Sock dog instructions from Martha Stewart.

Bunny for my niece – Pattern by Ana Paula Rimoli

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  1. I have creative envy because of YOU! You are amazing Jen! I love all of your creations!

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