Kids Clothes Week – Day 3 & 4

Kid’s Clothes Week Day 3 & 4!  I am combining days because Day 3 really kicked my butt and I didn’t have any time or energy to blog last night (late last night).

Day 3 I worked on Mr. V’s shirt – attaching the yoke/sleeves and collar.  It took a while – a lot of thinking, a little googling, you-tubing and seam ripping.  I did learn what understitching means – pretty cool! and found an old sew-a-long for the Henry shirt on a few blogs that helped when I was confused about the yoke/sleeves.  It definitely helped to read someone else’s experience and see pictures of the project.  I am a “visual person” and the book just didn’t provide the pictures that I sometimes need!!  I didn’t work on the shirt at all during the day and didn’t start sewing until after 8pm, so around 11:30-ish pm I had finally gotten the sleeves and collar on.  Before I went to bed the shirt looked like this:

SONY DSC Yay!  It looks like a shirt!!  Only the bottom hem and snaps to go!

Day 4 (Today!) – After dropping my daughter off at her last day of camp, I was able to go home and cut and sew up Mr. V’s shorts while he played.  I used the same book as the shirt and made the Bobby’s Bathers pattern — its meant to be swim trunks but I made it out of quilting cotton and omitted the tabs and drawstring.


The fabric I found is called Blenders from Riley Blake – it is brown/tan color that has varying splotches – its hard to describe but I thought it looked “dirty” – perfect for a pair of boy’s shorts!  Instead of adding blue or bug fabric on the shorts – I used blue thread for the topstitching to tie it into the shirt but still make it so he could wear the shorts with other shirts.  They came together quickly and easily!


During naptime I was able to finish up the shirt.  It just needed a hem on the bottom and snaps!  Here is Mr. V’s entire bug outfit!  Planning to get it on him tomorrow and take good pics of both of the kids – stay tuned for the buggy cuteness tomorrow!!  SONY DSC

SONY DSC Close up of my label!

So happy that I was able to finish BOTH outfits this week!  I can’t wait to share pics of the kiddos in them tomorrow!!

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  1. Christine Robertsoe says:

    Love it Jenifer! So impressed with your sewing.

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