March custom work & gifts given

I actually finished this custom piece at the end of February but I needed to wait because it was a March birthday gift.

My good friend’s Mother loves chocolate poodles.  She asked me to make a stuffed one for her Mom’s birthday.  I looked at dozens of pictures of Chocolate Standard Poodles and tried to find a pattern for one.  I found a bunch of crocheted poodle patterns, but no sewing ones.  So I decided to try and make my own by using the Puppy pattern from Abby Glassenberg’s Stuffed Animals book and tweaking it to look like a Poodle.

poodle 2 copy

I changed the shape of the nose, ears and tail. I also added a top “hair” piece. The materials used were brown fleece and a frizzy cuddle which I think made the puppy really look like a poodle!

poodle 4

Isn’t she so cute!!

poodle 3

I didn’t have any birthday gifts to get done this month, but I did make a stuffed friend for my best friend from high school. She needed some TLC after a hospital stay so I sent her a care package and included a kitty to cheer her up. I was testing a smaller version of my monkey/kitty pattern. The kitty turned out cute but maybe a little creepy. I sized up the pattern slightly and need to test again but this little kitty did it’s job in cheering up my bestie!

purple kitty for T 1

She’s smaller than my sewing machine!

purple kitty for T2

Two cute stuffies this month!  One original jeni ro design, one partially original jeni ro!  Fun stuff!!!
jeni signature blue

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