May Birthday gifts complete!

I finished the May birthday gifts even before the month started – Yeah!!! Here are the last of them, with the exception of my sister’s (I forgot to take a picture – but she is one of the maybe 5 people who might read this blog, so I guess its good I forgot!). But if you have a child with a May birthday (the same sister) and want to be surprised at what he/she is getting, don’t look any further! Ok you have been warned! Now to the cute stuff!!

This is a fleece horse I made for Olive’s bestie – Tess – who turns 2 at the end of May. I am so happy it turned out sooo cute and it was pretty easy to put together! Its from this book.

Such a cute face!

So my nephews are totally into Star Wars right now – Cade whose birthday is on the 19th and James whose birthday is on the 29th both are getting a set of these cuties!! I absolutely love them and if the boys are nice to Aunt Jeni, I might even make more to add to the collection!! I got the patterns from this talented lady.

The gang!!

R2D2 – He is my favorite!!


Yoda – I actually got the yoda pattern free – right here.

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