Meet the jeni ro spokesbaby!

Miss Elena Lynn!  Since I make a lot of baby blankets and sell them in my shop, I really wanted to be able to show my blankets in use with a sweet baby all cuddled up in it!  I have gotten some great photos from happy customers but I wanted to be able to show off the blankets currently for sale.

Since my youngest is no longer a baby (sniff sniff) I have been able to borrow my good friend’s newest addition.  Elena is only 2 weeks old and the tiniest of things!  We did a quick photo shoot this week and got a few pictures, not as many as I hoped for but it was fun practice.  She decided she wanted to be awake that morning/afternoon so we didn’t get any of the sleeping baby pictures – maybe next time!

So grateful to my friend for sharing her pretty little angel!!  I think its kind of fun to say I have a spokesbaby!  hehe  So excited for future photo shoots with this precious one!


Miss Elena modeling my newest shop addition – the owl hat!


Cutie baby!!


Love this one!!  Baby feet are awesome!



Enjoying another cozy blanket!
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