Minky Blankets – Sewing tip!

I am trying to hit the sewing machine as much as I can, so I can build my inventory and choices in the shop. 

Last weekend, I worked all day on Saturday while my husband was in charge of the kids.  That morning after breakfast I said goodbye to my daughter and told her I was going to work – she said “You are going downstairs!” all sassy like.  Miss O, the smarty pants, was right – my “studio” or rather my sewing corner is downstairs in our daylight basement.  I do long for a real studio with a door that closes, but alas I work with what I have, which really isn’t too bad!

So my focus for that sewing day was to sew up a stack of minky blankets I had already cut out.  I would say the day was rather productive!

When I first started making these blankets – check them out in the shop – I was worried about the slippage potential.  The fabric is so soft and cozy but very slippery when you try to sew two pieces together!! 

First Tip:  After reading up on it – I agree strongly with the people of the internet that using a walking foot is a must!  This is a walking foot if you were curious.  They are used when quilting (the stitching that runs through the entire blanket) a quilt – but since they have grippers (feed dogs) in the foot they are great for minky since it keeps the 2 fabrics together as it goes through the machine – sorry a lot of information for non-sewers, but if you really want to get into sewing blankets, its worth the investment (not too much $).

Second Tip:  Pin, Pin, Pin!!  So when I first started my blankets looked like this.

Seriously a pin every inch or so!
Then my Mom and I went to Sew Expo last year and found Wonder Clips – Ahhhh!!!  These things are amazing!  Pins with out the pin!  I think I used to stick myself at least once a blanket with the all pin version.  We bought a 50 pack and split it – so since I didn’t have quite enough to cover the entire blanket – my blankets looked like this!
Clip, Pin, Clip, Pin……
So when I decided to sell the blankets in the shop (after raves from people I have given them to as gifts) I bought myself some more clips and walah!!
All Clips!!

They actually make the “pinning” and sewing process pretty quick now – which is good for the productivity!  Here are some close ups of the newest blankets in the shop!  I am in love with the zebra combos!!  And a new blanket – flannel and minky – my sister dubbed it the “Urp and Cuddle”, love the animal superheros!  Check them out!

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