On a Scrapbook roll!

I have so many scrapbooks to finish or update – its crazy! But I have set a plan to finish one a week until they are done! And I am already a week ahead – Yeah! So far I have 3 done – all my my daughter’s book. Her baby book, 1st year book and Birthday book! Still left are Halloween, Christmas, Vacation, Camping and Football. A lot to get done but I feel such a sense of accomplishment already. And I even re-organized my craft/sewing area in terms of my scrapbooking stuff and I think it will help keep me on task!

Yes I am bragging but I think I am pretty good at these – at least I really like looking at them and my daughter loves looking at the pictures! I am sure she will appreciate them when she is older.

I love having as many pictures on the page as I can fit and still make it look good. My approach is pretty simple using pretty papers and pictures cut out in shapes or round edges. I journal when I feel the pictures need explanation but a lot of time I will just write short captions under pictures. For her 1st year book, I wrote her a letter each month talking about what she was doing and how our life was at the time.

I got a Silhouette Digital Cutter a few months ago and I love it! Especially since I just discovered the Xyron Create-a-sticker! This thing is fabulous! I never knew how to make those tiny die cuts stick on my pages/projects – and even abandoned Christmas Cards because of it! This machine is the best, you just drop in the item and it turns it into a sticker – literally!! I am in love!

Olive’s Baby Book

Olive’s First Year book

it goes month by month chronicling things she was doing that month, etc. I got the calendar idea from my sister, she did it for her son’s baby book.

Olive’s Birthday Book! This book will have a spread of pics from her bday party and then all the cards she gets for each birthday. My Mom made me one like this and I still like looking at all the old cards and notes from when I was a kid.

All of the letters I cut out with my Silhouette and turned them into stickers with the Xyron!

She loves looking at the scrapbooks!

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