Princess dress for my niece, finally making good on my promise!

My niece turned 6 way back in January!  I always always want to send something handmade for a kid’s birthday gift but at the time I didn’t have anytime to make her something special.  So I sent her this:

princess dress certificate Julia

A promise to make her a princess dress! Well…… I FINALLY got it done! And oh the GUILT for taking so long! I am hoping the little extra I made might help her forgive me for the tardiness!  Here is the dress for Miss J and one for her American Girl doll too – modeled by a friend’s little girl and her doll (since my niece doesn’t live in my town).  I hope you love it Miss J!!

a in elsa dress front

I pretty much only make princess dresses in a play version.  A classic peasant dress style with embellishments.  They are cute and transform the little one into a princess, but they are comfy enough to run around in and play!

a in elsa dress

Since it wouldn’t be an Elsa dress if it didn’t have a cape, I make the cape removable with snaps at the top of the back bodice of the dress.  Two different colors of sparkly tulle make the cape fun and pretty!

a holding ag doll in elsa dress

And we can’t forget a dress for her favorite doll!  I lucked out at a Joann’s sale and found the Simplicity patterns for 18″ doll princess dresses – so now I have patterns for almost the complete princess line up.  I guess I better start making them up for my nieces’ Christmas gift!  =)

american girl doll in elsa dress back

The dress and the cape/bustier are actually separately on this dress.  My daughter doesn’t have an AG 18″ doll and I am not so sure she will really ever want one (she’s more of an animal girl), so thankfully I borrowed a friend’s doll to make sure the dress fit.  Phew! It fit perfectly!

american girl doll in Elsa dress front

Miss J is a dolly girl, so I think she will be tickled!!

A looking at ag doll in elsa dress

A big thank you to Miss A for being my cutie little model – she did a great job!!  I hope my niece loves her (very belated) birthday gift and finds it in her heart to forgive her busy Auntie!

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