Beanie Boo Painting Party

It’s hard to believe that my daughter is closing in on her 9th birthday, but first I have to show you her 8th birthday party.  She is a rabid Beanie Boo collector so of course she wanted a Beanie Boo birthday party.  We gave it a bit of a twist and turned it into a […]

O’s 5th Birthday Dress – Anna Coronation Dress

When I asked Miss O what princess dress she wanted to wear at her 5th Birthday party – she immediately said Anna’s Coronation dress from Frozen.  I thought, okay this is going to be a challenge but I was up for it! Originally I was thinking about using The Cottage Mama’s Party dress pattern and adding […]

Olive’s Room

Over the past month we have been hard at work decorating kids rooms – moving our daughter from her baby room into her big girl room so we can redo the baby room for her little brother (who is due in October). Well we pretty much finished the big girl room a few weeks ago […]

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