My Top 11 favorite posts of 2014

This year it was really challenging to choose just 10 favorite posts, so I picked 11!  I posted 91 times last year – 91 Woah!!  I am so proud of myself!  And so grateful for any and all of my readers.  My page views on the blog went from 875 in December 2013 to 6,126 in […]

Little Sis’ Wedding: The Details

In addition to making the flower girl dresses (blogged here) and a suit for my son (blogged here) – I also helped my sister out with a few of the wedding décor details.  The venue she was married at was gorgeous and didn’t need a ton of decorations but we added a few that made […]

Little Sis’ Wedding: Mr. V’s suit

At the time of my baby sister’s wedding (June 2013), my son was only 1-1/2 years old.  My sister had chosen a khaki suit for her groom and the groomsmen/nephews, but the rental suits didn’t go down to my son’s size.  I can hardly believe that I actually did it, but I made him a […]

Little Sis’ Wedding: Flower Girl Dresses

So my baby sister got married in June 2013, I have been meaning to blog about her wedding details for a while now, but I was waiting for the professional pictures.  And then you know time just slips by and its…. 2014!  Well I am finally sharing the pretty pictures of my sister’s wedding details!  Starting with […]

Sushi roll napkin rings! Tutorial included!

The blog has been on the quiet side because I have been busy with wedding stuff!  But YAY! my baby sister got married last weekend – it was a beautiful wedding!  More details will come soon, but today I wanted to share the wedding gift I made her. I had purchased a fat quarter of […]

Little Sis’ Bridal shower

We had so much fun planning my baby sister’s bridal shower!  My middle sister and I (who are also the bridesmaids) planned the baby sister’s shower for early May and really only had about a month to put it together. The same weekend we worked on the wedding invites (early April), I made and sent […]

Bridal shower gift

My sister’s bridal shower was at the beginning of May.  My other sister and I threw it for her and I will post pictures soon of the decor, etc.  I made all the printables and had so much fun! But I was really excited to give her the gift I made for her!!  I racked […]

Wedding projects part II — Flower girl dresses!!

After the invitations my next biggest assignment was the flower girl dresses for my baby sister’s wedding in June! I am sooooo happy to say that I finished them over the weekend!  I even got the flower headbands finished as well.  They turned out pretty cute.  I even got a chance to try my daughter’s […]

April = Wedding projects!

My baby sister (I have two little sisters) is getting married in June!  I have been tasked with designing the invitations, making the flower girl dresses (3 of them) and pretty much whatever else she needs me to do.  My middle sister and I are also working on a bridal shower at the beginning of May […]

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