Critters everywhere!!

My goal of posting on this blog at least 2x a week has already been blown!  Last week was mid winter break for our school district (so no preschool) and my husband was out of town for business – so we packed up and headed to my parent’s house for the week.  Awesome family time but not too much else. 

What has been occupying our time this week? This sweet critter!

Yes we got a cat!  I actually can hardly believe it.  My daughter is crazy for the kitties and we had been promising her that we would get one.  Well last weekend we set out on kitty quest and after visiting 4 different shelters – we ended back up at the first shelter the next day and found this cutie.  The picture doesn’t do her coloring justice – she is a orange and gray calico – very cool color combo.  She is adjusting to life with us but seems to be doing great!

And speaking of critters – I finished up a new batch of my ribbon critters and matching blankets and finally got them all up in my shop! I wanted to share my process for creating the ribbon critters – (funny story – I am calling them ribbon critters because the Taggie blanket people actually sent me a cease and desist letter when I called them Taggy Critters in my shop – yeah seriously! – a bit ridiculous I think, thus you will never see me buying another “Taggie” product again – but that’s just me).

I generally try to match the critter with the blanket fabric I am using and as I design more and more, my confidence is growing (a bit).  In this example I found the cutest bird flannel for one of my new Cuddle and Urp blankets (I am not linking to the bird blanket, because it just sold today!). 

So I just grab a piece of paper and a pencil and sketch a shape of a bird that resembles the birds on the fabric. 

Making sure the sketch isn’t too big for the piece of fabric I have and I am happy with how it looks on paper, I cut it out of the fabric, add the ribbons and details….

and sew it up!  And sometimes just HOPE it turns out cute – which most of the time they do!  I think this guy turned out extra cute and I really want to make some more! (especially since this one just sold – Yay!)

Here is a shot of all my cute critters currently available in the shop!  Check them out – I know you want one! (for the baby in your life right?  wink wink!)  =)
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