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The gifts from Santa when I was a kid always had different handwriting on them. I knew it wasn’t my mom’s because her handwriting was very recognizable.  I think it helped keep Santa alive a little bit longer for me. Come to find out, my Mom had my Aunt write the Santa gift tag!! Brilliant!…

Free Santa Gift Tag printables

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December 3, 2021

This Halloween Boo Day party printable set is for the little one with a Halloween birthday or one who just loves Halloween and cute ghosts! The newest set to the jeni ro designs shop comes in 2 different colorways!  Blue/Teal and Pink!  The invite features the cute ghosts announcing the celebration. The décor pieces continue…

Halloween Boo Day – New printable set!

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October 7, 2021

I have always loved Wonder Woman – so I had a lot of fun designing this Wonder Woman printable game for a customer.  She requested a game with a Wonder Woman-style character who looked like her daughter.  The sparkly version won!  Isn’t she just adorable! The Wonder Woman printable game is available in my webshop…

Wonder Woman Printable Game

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Party printables

August 16, 2021

I had never heard of a college bed party – have you?  Granted my kids are still several (thankfully) years away from even thinking about college, so my ears don’t perk up to much college kid-related. A College Bed party is a way to celebrate that huge decision about what college to attend.  You decorate…

College Bed Party Printables

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Party printables

August 5, 2021

Let me tell you all about printable water bottle labels! And how they can easily add personalization to your party decor! If you missed my deep dive into party circles, check it out here! Printable water bottle labels are another way to dress up and personalize your party!  You can wrap them around water bottles…

Learn about Printable Water Bottle labels

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Party printables

July 12, 2021

Let me tell you all about Printable Party Circles! They are one type of party printable that is used in many different ways. And they are just so cute! The most popular way to use printable party circles is to turn them into cupcake toppers!  You don’t need to be intimidated, it’s a pretty easy process,…

All about Printable Party Circles!

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May 7, 2021

What even are Printable banners? You know that fun piece of décor that announces there is a birthday in the house!  Printable banners are the same thing – you just print them yourself!  jeni ro designs printable banners are unique in that they are the perfect theme for your kiddo (because they picked it) and…

All about Printable Banners!

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March 19, 2021

Creating a really fun party space starts with a party backdrop! A place where the cake, food and gifts can be displayed and become the center of the party! The gallery above is a round up of some of my favorite party backdrops that I have created over the years! You can see more pictures…

5 Easy steps to create an awesome party backdrop!

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February 11, 2021

Pin the X games are so fun for birthday parties – but they can be fun as a Holiday party game too! Even if it’s just immediate family at the party! This cute holiday party game version of the Pin the Hat on the Snowman game is in my shop just ready to brighten up…

Pin the Hat on the Snowman Game!

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December 11, 2020

Another cute holiday gift tag freebie is in the FREE Printable Library! My kiddos love animals and kitties are their favorite, so I created this cute kitty holiday gift tag to use one year for their gifts. Now I am sharing them with you for Free! Just print, cut, write and attach to the your…

FREEBIE! Holiday Kitty gift tags printable

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December 4, 2020

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