My favorite birthday gift to make for grown up girls

I feel like I have been slacking a bit on the homemade gifts lately – okay I don’t just feel like it – I have!!  But you know some things take time – which I don’t have a lot of extra of!  Well I finally got my 1st little sister’s (I have 2 little sisters) […]

Custom made Elsa inspired dresses!

I have to admit that I absolutely adore the movie Frozen and haven’t yet gotten tired of the movie or songs.  It seems that a lot of other people haven’t either – especially the 3 – 10 year old female set, since anything Frozen is so hot that they can’t keep it on the shelves!  I […]

March custom work & gifts given

I actually finished this custom piece at the end of February but I needed to wait because it was a March birthday gift. My good friend’s Mother loves chocolate poodles.  She asked me to make a stuffed one for her Mom’s birthday.  I looked at dozens of pictures of Chocolate Standard Poodles and tried to […]

February Custom Work

This month I got to do a few fun custom projects!  Two I can share now and one that I have to save until next month, just in case the birthday recipient reads my blog (I am not sure if she does, but want to stay on the safe side).  So excited to show you that […]

Little Sis’ Wedding: Mr. V’s suit

At the time of my baby sister’s wedding (June 2013), my son was only 1-1/2 years old.  My sister had chosen a khaki suit for her groom and the groomsmen/nephews, but the rental suits didn’t go down to my son’s size.  I can hardly believe that I actually did it, but I made him a […]

Little Sis’ Wedding: Flower Girl Dresses

So my baby sister got married in June 2013, I have been meaning to blog about her wedding details for a while now, but I was waiting for the professional pictures.  And then you know time just slips by and its…. 2014!  Well I am finally sharing the pretty pictures of my sister’s wedding details!  Starting with […]

January Custom Work

I can hardly believe that the first month of 2014 is almost over!  This month I had a few custom jobs – the first one was baby blanket and lovey sets for my friend’s new twin baby nieces!  Their room is decorated in gray tones and elephants – THIS Pottery Barn set to be exact, and the […]

My little pony dresses!

With only about a month until my daughter’s birthday I am in the middle of major party planning!  This year we are doing a joint bug birthday party for both kiddos (V’s birthday is mid Sept) – and I will definitely be sharing details on that in the near future. As I was thinking about […]

Custom Baby Blankets and More

I am due to deliver a custom order this weekend when I head to my hometown for Easter.  A friend ordered 2 blankets and a crib skirt for her soon to be born granddaughter. I actually met the mom to be at the fabric store back in February so she could chose the blanket and […]

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