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January Custom Work

January 24, 2014

I can hardly believe that the first month of 2014 is almost over!  This month I had a few custom jobs – the first one was baby blanket and lovey sets for my friend’s new twin baby nieces!  Their room is decorated in gray tones and elephants – THIS Pottery Barn set to be exact, and the pink was added after they were born, since they didn’t find out the gender ahead of time.

My friend (who is an amazing interior designer, you can find her work on Houzz HERE), chose a gray and white chevron cuddle paired with a pale pink dimple dot cuddle.  I selected the pink rose cuddle for the trim.  And of course they needed their initials on the blankets! custom blankets They really turned out gorgeous!

Since they have elephants in their room, I designed an elephant lovey to go with the blankets.  These pictures really don’t do them justice, they are adorable! twin elephant loveys I free hand drew the elephant and was holding my breath until I finally turned it after sewing it together.  I was pleasantly surprised how cute it turned out!!  I am itching to create a full 3 dimensional animal out of this guy!  For the loveys they are only 2 dimensional. elephant lovey close up Here are a few more pictures of the blanket/lovey sets.  One for Baby F! F set  And one for Baby S!
S set

My second custom project for the month was a cute apron! I made a Christmas apron for my good friend for Christmas last year and she loved it! So much that she wanted an apron for her soon to be sister in law’s bridal shower!

We see each other at least 3x/week (since our daughters go to preschool together), so one morning during preschool we hit our local quilt shop, Gossypium (Side note: So so happy there is a quilt shop in my town again!!), and she selected and paid for the fabric that she thought her future SIL would love!  We discussed tweaks to a pattern I had and I sewed it up! apron full It also turned out adorable!  And I hear her future SIL is a gorgeous red head, so this is going to look amazing on her!

With the fabric scraps I also made up a mitt potholder and a few smaller potholders from a few tutorials I found on the web. (I am not charging her for these, so I have not violated the authors requests).  She doesn’t know about the potholders, I hope she likes them! L potholders Here is one final shot of the apron and potholders together.  Pretty sweet bridal shower gift if I do say so myself!  apron with potholders Two fun yet different projects! Keeps life interesting! Thanks for letting me share!
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