The Princess and the Dwarf – Halloween costumes 2013

Its been a little busy around here – so the poor blog has been neglected – but I am here now to finally share my kids’ Halloween costumes!!


This is the first year I have made both costumes – their first few Halloweens we leaned on good old Carters and Costco!  This year I was determined to make them!


O insisted on being a princess again this year, last year she was Rapunzel.  I tried to talk her into something else, Rainbow Dash was one suggestion, but she wouldn’t have it.  I had her tell me which princess she wanted to be – and it was a quick – Snow White! SONY DSC

I decided to go with the full Disney Snow White costume using a trusty Simplicity pattern (2817 to be exact).  There were a lot of pieces but it came together pretty easily — only had to get out the seam ripper a few times.  The cape and collar are removable which is nice for things like the preschool Halloween party.  I made the bodice a size 5, but she is so skinny she has room (She is a tall 4 year old!).  I used the size 6 for the cape and skirt so there will be plenty of life in this costume beyond Halloween.  We are planning a Disney trip for next year and I wanted her to be able to wear it when we have lunch with the princesses!  Since the NW is a bit chilly around Halloween, we layered the dress with a navy long sleeve t-shirt.  I think she is adorable and she seemed pretty comfortable in the dress!


SONY DSC We had a fun little photo shoot after the preschool Halloween party today!  The kids ran and ran!



And for V, since O insisted on Snow White, V’s costume was an easy choice – Dopey the dwarf!


I used the Bimaa sweater pattern by Lou Bee Clothing that I got in an awesomely priced Sew Fab pattern bundle!  Once I saw the pattern I knew that it would be perfect for the Dopey costume with that fabulous cowl!  I made a 4T size with the 6 length for my 2 year old since Dopey’s outfit is big and droopy – and the cowl part was perfect but the body was tight!   So I had to go back in and put triangles into the sides of the body and sleeves.  It actually was a happy accident since it just made it so perfect, giving it the swingy nature of Dopey’s coat!  Its made from a super cozy fleece so he will be nice and warm while trick or treating!

SONY DSC For Dopey’s hat – I loosely followed this slouch beanie tutorial from Cotton + Curls.  I freehanded the shape of the back of the hat and actually had to add another triangle because it was too tight on V.  I think I messed up on the direction of the stretch of the fleece, but oh well it worked out!

The ears I totally freehanded.  Stuffed them a little and stitched a little “ear” detail and sewed them to the sides of the fleece cap.  Yeah they pretty much make the outfit!!  V has gotten a lot of oohs and ahhs this week since he has gotten to wear it to twice already!

SONY DSC I have to say that it was a tad stressful with all the jeni ro stuff going on but I am really happy that I made their costumes!  I am hoping I can do it every year! SONY DSC

Going to be a lot of fun with these two tomorrow night!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Lindsay Pruss says:

    Wow!!! Jeni, what an unbelievable job you’ve done on these costumes!!! I was actually planning the same two costumes for my two this year, & came across your page while searching for ideas on how to make my own Dopey. When I saw yours, I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. Unfortunately, I will not be able to create this nearly as well. So, my question to you is …. Would you consider selling it???? :). Or making another??? :). Worth a shot, right???

    Lindsay Pruss

  2. Hazel Vanderford says:

    Hello my grandson is in love with this costume – I am reaching out to ask if you still have it or would consider making another?
    Thank you
    Tampa, FL

  3. Hi! Do you still have this available to sell?
    You can email me at

  4. Hi, do you have any tips on how to make the dopey ears?? I’m very nervous about this!! How big did you make them?

    • jenirodesigns says:

      Hi! I really just winged it and drew the pattern in relation to the hat, but they were probably about 6-7″ square, so quite large. Sorry I no longer have the costume or would measure for you! Good luck!!

  5. I have been wanting to dress up my 2yr. old grandson as Dopey since last Halloween. Yours is by fqr the best I have seen yet. Though, I am any thing but crafty. By chance, would you happen to have one to sell? He is a size 3T. Thank you.

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