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6 Fun Things to Send!

May 13, 2020

With in person birthday parties and special occasion parties postponed for now, here are 6 fun things to send to brighten up someone’s birthday or special occasion. All from the comfort of your home! Links to websites are in the headings!!

Send a Cake

Send a Cake has an Explosion box with a little cake inside that looks like so much fun! You can customize it with pictures as well!

Make it Mine

Make it Mine has a Popbox that you can customize with pictures. You open the envelope and a fun customized greeting box – POPS – out of the envelope! Such a fun surprise!


Greetable has a little gift box that unfolds to display a message with pictures and a little gift that you choose.

Love Pop Cards

Love Pop has pop up cut out cards. They just look so cool! Wouldn’t you love to get one of these!

Edible Arrangements

This one I am sure most have seen before. My sister sent me this one for my 43rd birthday! It was so cute and the fruit was yummy!

Delivery from a Local Florist

Flowers are always a fun thing to send! There are many options for ordering online – but how about searching for a local florist and ordering from them. Just do a google search for the area you need. I always try to order from a local florist in my hometown when I send flowers to my family in Washington, and my Mom does the same.

Disclaimer: I have yet to use the companies above (with the exception of Edible Arrangements) but wanted to share because they look great (I am NOT getting any compensation for my opinions)! Make sure and do your own research.

Thanks for reading and have fun celebrating your people!!

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