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All about Printable Banners!

March 19, 2021

What even are Printable banners?

You know that fun piece of décor that announces there is a birthday in the house!  Printable banners are the same thing – you just print them yourself! 

Printable Banners

jeni ro designs printable banners are unique in that they are the perfect theme for your kiddo (because they picked it) and they are PERSONALIZED for the birthday kid! The look on your kiddo’s face when they see their name on a banner is just precious!

Use them alone or with other décor to create a festive party backdrop or atmosphere. One of the great things about printables is that you can purchase and then print/prep them on your own schedule – without having to leave the house!

Check out all of the fun themes in my shop – Monster Trucks, Rainbows, Ninja Warrior, Mermaids and more! 

They are ready to be personalized for your kiddo and to make their special day extra special!  Full printable sets are available (why not go big with the décor) as well as individual pieces (just the banner). 

Printable Banners

All you need to prep the banner is to print out the printable banner pages, grab a good pair of scissors, a hole punch and a piece of string or ribbon.  Then, watch THIS tutorial for step by step instruction on how to prep the printable banner!

For hanging it depends on your space and/or “rules” about your walls. You will need some tape or push pins and your prepped banner.

When I put a banner on my mantle, I use several pieces of scotch tape to hold it and usually put a candle or some other décor to hide the tape. 

For a wall I use push pins.  Either push the pin through the ribbon/string or wrap the string around the base of the pin and secure to the wall making sure it holds.  But if you don’t want to put holes in your wall, you can use tape.

Printable Banners

To practice with printable banners – grab the new Welcome Spring banner from the Free Printable Library!

Don’t have your password to the printable library? No worries, you can sign up here!

I hope this post shows you how easy and fun printable banners are. Consider using one for your next celebration!

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