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Annie’s quilty birthday gift

May 16, 2024

I saw these fun Gilmore Girls fabric panels on Instagram and had to track them down and make a quilt for my sister!  She is a huge GG fan.  Today is her birthday and she should be opening her gift before this post comes out (crossing my fingers).

I also found coordinating fabric yardage and a fun coffee bean print.  The next step was to figure out how to put it all together.  Since I wanted to include the large fabric panels, I couldn’t follow a pattern exactly.  In comes the Wonky Wonder pattern from The Makings of Joy. 

The blocks are wonky stars in a 12” block so I did a little math and figured out how the panels could work.  Quilt math is fun!  The fact that the blocks are stars works as well because the setting of the show is a town called Stars Hollow!  Haha!  I think I am clever.

I can’t say these blocks were the easiest but at least they were forgiving and once I got into a groove they came together pretty well.  And they are super cute!

I backed it with a purple microfiber blanket (my sisters told me that I’m not allowed to make quilts without this cozy backing anymore) and quilted it at Trace Creek Quilting with the 6 petal flower panto. It turned out so cute! I finished it off with a solid lavender binding.

I had a few stars left over so I made a little matching pillow.

Yes, it’s a busy quilt but it’s so much fun!  I can see my sister cuddled up with her very own Gilmore Girls quilt on her couch watching Gilmore Girls again (for the umpteenth time I am sure).  Thanks for letting me share!

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