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Beanie Boo Art Birthday Printables – New Free Set!

April 16, 2024

The newest Free printable in the Free Printable Library is the Beanie Boo Art birthday printables that I originally designed for my daughter’s 8th birthday.  You can check out that party HERE.  At the time she was obsessed with beanie boos and very into art – so I combined the two for a super fun party!

beanie boo birthday art printables

See – obsessed! Even now at 14, while she doesn’t play with them, she can’t seem to bare to get rid of any of the Beanie boos in her collection.

I edited the fun Beanie Boo art birthday party to make it generic for the free printable library!   It’s a fun set for any stuffed animal fan – those beanie boos are so cute!

beanie boo birthday art printables

Grab them from the Free Printable Library today! Don’t have the password?  No worries, just go here to sign up for my email list and get your password today! 

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