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Christmas in July? Not too early to plan your printable holiday cards!

July 15, 2020

Not too early to think about Printable Holiday Cards.

I know I know – Really? Christmas and the Holidays already? Well if you are a planner like me you like to start early – so for all you planners out there – in case you didn’t know – we have printable holiday cards!! Find them here!

Custom printable holiday cards

I have been creating printable holiday cards for my family for the past few years. I usually create 3 or 4 designs and then let my family choose which card to print for the year.

Printable holiday card from 2019

Here is the printable holiday card we sent last year! I always design a front and back to show off current pictures of the kiddos.

I will be working on this year’s designs in a few months – we typically get professional pictures taken in September between the kiddos birthdays (August 15 and September 18). Of course I will share!

My favorite place right now to print is with Costco — they do a printed paper card for a great price! It’s easy to upload the images and they even come with envelopes that have your return address printed on them! 25 for $16.49! Such a great price! (I am not getting a kick back – I just really like them!)

Printable Holiday cards by jeni ro designs.

I know other printers like SnapFish, Picaboo and Shutterfly have design your own options that you can upload the design to as well. And you can always just print them at home, or even send digitally! That’s the beauty of printable designs! Check out all the printable holiday card designs in my shop!

Want a design totally custom to you? I would love to design a printable holiday card for your family! Contact me and let’s chat!

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