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FREEbie: Grad banners! For your at home celebrations!

May 7, 2020

What a year to be graduating! The usual ceremonies and celebrations won’t be happening in the same way this year – but they are still an important milestone! My nephew, Max, who was born on Sept 11th will be graduating this year!

Isn’t he so cute! Back in 2006 as the ring bearer in my wedding! Photo by Tasha Owen Photography
Now so handsome and over 6 ft tall!!

To help celebrate him I created a banner set in his school colors and am sending it to my sister to use in their celebration! Printable banners are a really easy way to dress up any space for a celebration!!

While I was creating his banner I created different color versions for my alma mater High School as well as the High School my kids would have gone to in Washington and all 4 of the High Schools in our new district in Missouri!! And I want all the graduates to get a banner for FREE!!

I created Class of 2020 and Congratulations banners for each color set and even included a few extras for the schools mentioned above. But these banners can be used by any graduate if the colors fit!

Click HERE for the black and gold version – and a little extra for Lafayette graduates.

Click HERE for the purple and gold version – and extras for Eureka and Issaquah grads!

Click HERE for the blue and green version – and the extra for Marquette students!

Click HERE for the red and black version – and extra for Rockwood Summit graduates!

And last but not least, Click HERE for the green and gold version – and extra for the grads of my high school – Evergreen!!

The free banner sets have the Class banner and the Congratulations banner! If you would like a matching banner with your grad’s name – just drop me a note at! I would love to create it for you – along with all your printable party decor needs! Check out my Etsy shop!

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Happy Graduation to all of the Seniors – Class of 2020!! You were definitely meant for something extraordinary!

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