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How to upload your game poster for printing

January 24, 2023

how to upload the game poster

I always send out information on where to print the printable game posters when I sell a printable game but I wanted to do a post to show how to upload the game poster for printing – it’s so easy, let me show you!

I am going to give specifics for 3 vendors that I think are popular.  One of these locations should be available to you, at least in the United States.  I apologize to our international friends; I don’t know what locations are best for printing in your areas.


Right now, Walmart is the quickest printer at the best price, since in most stores you can still pick up a 20×30 poster in a few hours at your local store.  The current pricing is about $18.86 

Step 1:  Go to the Walmart Photo website:

Step 2:  Choose Posters from the top menu

how to upload the game poster

Step 3:  On the posters page – scroll down and choose 20×30 (most of my games are 20×30 but double-check the email the file was sent with to be sure).

Step 4:  On the next page – choose Upload your own design

how to upload the game poster

Step 5:  At the upload page – find the jpeg poster file on your computer and add it to the site – upload photo.

Step 6:  If your poster is horizontal you might need to rotate it so it fits in the printing space.  See the example pic.  Make sure the entire poster is in the viewing area.

Step 7:  Add to cart.  Select the Same day pickup at your local store. Pay and all done!


Costco used to be my go-to printer for the game posters – I was so disappointed when they got rid of the photo centers in the warehouse.  They still have the best price at $9.99 for the 20×30 poster – but now you have to have it shipped to your house for about $3.99.  It takes about a week.  Its still a great deal if you have the time. 

This is how you upload to Costco – yes you must have a membership/account with Costco.

Step 1:  Go to the Costco photo website:  Sign into your account, or create an account.

how to upload the game poster

Step 2:  Upload the game poster jpeg into a folder/album in My photos.

Step 3:  Check the correct photo and click “Order selected prints”

how to upload the game poster

Step 4:  Choose your size.  The site automatically puts a 4×6 print qty of 1.  Change the 4×6 qty to 0 (zero) and add a 1 (one) quantity to the 20×30 size*.

Step 5:  Add to cart, add a shipping address, pay, and Done!


Walgreens is another popular store to print your poster.  The regular price for the 20×30 poster is $25.99 but they often have coupon codes, so make sure and look for one.  You can also pick it up in-store most of the time as well.

Step 1:  Go to Walgreens photo site:

how to upload the game poster

Step 2:  Choose the 20×30 size*, material satin paper

Step 3:  Upload the poster jpeg file.

Step 4:  Select your photo from the album for your project.

how to upload the game poster

Step 5:  Change the orientation of the photo if it’s not fitting in the viewing area.  Some game posters are horizontal (30×20) and some are vertical (20×30)

Step 6:  Review the order, pay, and pick it up at your local Walgreens.  **Use a coupon code if you can!**

I hope these step-by-step walkthroughs on how to upload your game poster for printing are helpful.  Some sites have more steps than others but all in all it’s pretty easy. 

***I noted this with the first store but as a reminder, while most of my game posters are 20×30 – I do have a few that are smaller due to the graphics (16×20) – so please double-check the email the file was sent with for the appropriate size.***

The game pieces are set up on standard letter size paper (8-1/2″ x 11″) and can be printed at home on a color printer or at a color copy printer like Office Depot (blog post about uploading with Office Depot coming soon).  I always recommend printing your game pieces on white cardstock paper as they are sturdier for gameplay and little hands!

Happy printing – and happy party game playing!  You can shop all of my printable party games HERE in my Etsy shop and HERE in my webshop for exclusive character games.

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