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Indoor Party Game Ideas!

February 1, 2020

Throwing a party when its too cold (or hot) to go outside? Here are some ideas for INDOOR Party games!! If you missed my OUTDOOR party games post – check it out HERE! Here are a 5 Ideas that are awesome for an indoor party! 

Pin the Tail games! Remember pin the tail on the donkey – well I have a version of a pin the tail game for almost every theme in my shop! They are really fun and super easy to put together games that the kiddos will enjoy!

Ring/Ball/Bag toss! This is an easy to put together game and can be matched to the theme usually. Grab a ball or ring or bean bag and toss them into buckets, tires, hula hoops, boxes – you name it! Or toss it through a poster/door way. We have done versions vertically and horizontally! Inside and outside!

Bingo! Another easy game to set up and play! I created Bingo cards for V’s Teen Titan’s Go party and I am planning on creating Bingo games for my other themes – but I know there are a ton of Etsy sellers that make them! Or you can create your own!

Laser Tag or Nerf War! Okay I know this one only works inside if you have a basement or a large house, but if you do – its fun! We were lucky enough to find Laser guns on clearance at Walmart so we bought enough for the whole party. But you could have the kiddos bring their own Nerf guns for a Nerf war. This one is only for those parents who can handle the stress though and this is important – you MUST set ground rules!!

Lazer/String Maze! You can use crepe paper, string or yarn to set up a Mission Impossible type maze for the kiddos to crawl through. You can set it up between chairs or in a hallway. We did a “Kitten in a tangle” string maze for my friend’s twins 2nd birthday party! A great use for those baby gates! So cute and fun!

Thanks for reading my Indoor Party Game Ideas! Check out my Party Game Ideas Pinterest board for more Indoor Party game ideas!

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