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jeni ro parties: Mario Odyssey Birthday Bash!

October 4, 2019

My little dude turned 8!

And we celebrated with a fun Mario Odyssey birthday party! He is getting more into gaming and Mario Odyssey has been a favorite.

I created this invitation using a custom graphic from an Etsy seller. It turned out really cute!

The front door welcomed guests into the party. I put the welcome sign on my easel and added a Cappy to our birthday wreath.

I love dressing up the entry way and for this party it turned out great. I found the brick paper at Michaels, created the coins with yellow paper plates and a strip of yellow card stock, cut the stars out with my Silhouette machine and made the piranha plant out of white card stock and a red paper medallion. The tube the plant is coming out of is a pvc pipe joint spray painted green!

Here is the birthday boy in front of the main party display with the cake of course! Featuring the printable banner I designed and a giant piranha plant.

The Cappy cake made by Sweet Design Bakery in the St. Louis area turned out so cute!! She also made power moon cake pops!

Our sun room turns into the party room for birthdays. I love that its small enough that I can decorate the whole room! The kids table fits perfectly!

Power moons (cut out with my Silhouette machine) hung from the fan over the table.

And white balloons were dressed up to become Boos!

I dressed up the shutters with a poster and more of the brick paper, coins and stars.

In the kitchen across from the food table I created this cute display with blue wrapping paper, a balloon cloud, coins and store bought Mario decor. All surrounding the balloon V8!

The favor bags were yellow lunch sacks with a white question mark. Inside were a bunch of fun things – bubble wand, stickers, squishy ball, Mario gummies, finger laser, Mario pencil and a fake mustache.

Each favor bag was personalized for each kid!

The food table, as well as the kids table, was dressed up with a piranha plant. They just turned out so cool!

The party was held between lunch and dinner so we provided some yummy snacks! Piranha fruit (grape skewer with a strawberry on top), Power moon cookies (made by Sugar Dough Cookie Creations), Goomba pudding cups, Princess Peach rings, Star PB& Js and Marshmellow mushrooms.

And of course the water bottles were dressed up too!

One more brick wall decorating the gift area. Oh and some mini balloon goombas too!

The boys had a blast! After snacks they played a game of Goomba stomp! I created Goombas out of balloons – each with a coin inside. We spread them out and the boys stomped them to get the coins.

It was a quick game and crazy – but fun!

They then played a game of pin Cappy on Mario! I love these games and of course had to create one for this party.

The boys were good sports and all took a turn!

Then it was downstairs to the basement for some laser tag! We would of done this outside, but of course the only day it rained that week was on party day!

The final activity was this pull string pinata overstuffed with candy and Mario toys! Every kid got to take home a bag stuffed with candy and treats!

Fun day celebrating our new 8 year old!

Thanks for letting me share this fun party! Need party planning help in the St. Louis area – send me a message! Or check out my printable shop for tons of fun themed birthday printables!

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