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July Stuffie of the Month – Serena the Seahorse

July 30, 2014

It’s time for the July Stuffie of the Month – with only a day to spare!  I actually wasn’t sure I was going to finish a stuffie for this month – and yes if you recall I did say that my July stuffie would be my very own pattern, but that project got delayed.  Sorry if you were looking forward to it!  I promise I am still working on it and my new goal is to release it sometime in Sept/Oct!!  But anyway, I did finish a stuffie for July – and here it is – Serena the Seahorse by Squishy-Cute Designs!!

Serena the seahorse title page

I have been wanting to do a hand sewn project and since I had limited time this month, I decided to take this little hand sew/embroidery project with me on our beach vacation last weekend.  I was actually a little nervous about working on it – but I started on it in the truck on the drive to the beach and really enjoyed myself!  I got a good portion of it done on the drive and found time during the weekend to work on it.

seahorse in progress

Like at the picnic table while my husband was grilling dinner!

seahorse in trailer almost done

I got as far as I could on it while relaxing in the trailer, but I couldn’t finish it because I didn’t bring any polyfil!  I really wanted to finish it on the drive home but had to wait until we got home!

seahorse other side

I didn’t get each side exactly the same but I think I did a pretty good job for my first big embroidery project!

seahorse front side view

Here is the front view.  Serena is a small stuffie about 8-1/2″ tall and only about 2″ wide at the belly.

seahorse side back view

Here is the back view of Serena.

seahorse in my hand

To recap my thoughts on this pattern:

  • Cute finished stuffie (CHECK).
  • Quick construction (CHECK).  Actually I was surprised how fast this came together – since it was done all by hand!
  • Pattern layout easy to read (CHECK).  Squishy-Cute Designs included good information on what materials to use and even has additional help/content on their website/blog.  I also thought it was pretty cool that they are based in Vancouver, WA (my hometown)!
  • Full size patterns provided. (CHECK), granted the finished stuffie is small.
  • I was perplexed by one step though – the pattern said to blanket stitch the 2 pieces together, but that really wouldn’t work with the fin sticking out the back – I improvised!

Things I learned:

  • I really enjoyed making a stuffie all by hand.
  • Embroidery is fun!
  • Separating embroidery floss can be very frustrating.
  • I want to make more!

Thanks for checking out my July Stuffie of the Month!  Up next month –  I am going to switch from sewing to crochet!

aurora crochet pattern

August is birthday month in my house (mine and my daughter’s) so I am going to crochet her a princess, using this Aurora pattern by Ohana Craft!  Hope you come back and check it out as well as all the fun from her upcoming princess birthday party!

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