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Kids Clothes Week Jan 2014 – Outfit #4

January 30, 2014

I am really loving sewing with knits!  I have been wanting to try some projects and this week I have already made 4!  I am so thankful to my Mom for a) Being an amazing Mom and seamstress and somehow passing the sewing gene down to me (never really thought that would happen though, but it did, I digress) and b) for giving me her OLD baby lock serger!  babylock serger She (The Old baby lock, not my Mom) is totally awesome and totally scary at the same time.  She is very loud and shakes the entire table.  I HAVE NOT and WILL NOT change the thread color, but she helped me create Outfit #4 the 3rd and 4th knit pieces this week, the Bimaa Sweater from LouBeeClothing and another pair of Go-To Leggings I decided to add at the last minute. kcw outfit 4 front 2 with title The pictures this round are less than stellar – rainy outside and a little girl not wanting her picture taken being the main culprits!  But you can still see the Bimaa sweater (with cowl neck) that is really the star and so adorable! kcw outfit 4 front For the Bimaa, I used an old sweatshirt of mine that I didn’t like how it fit – I have a ton of old clothes saved to “upcycle” but really don’t dive into that stash very often.  Its fun to cut up old clothes sometimes!  The sweatshirt that I had (the gray and pink strip) did not have enough fabric to make the cowl so I used the same fuschia from the V-Neck Cardigan (blogged here) to make the waistband, cuffs and cowl…. but Oops!  I forgot to cut 2 of the cowl and did NOT have enough of the fuschia to correct my mistake.  So I took a chance and cut the second cowl piece from a dark gray knit that I was making leggings in for this outfit.  It was a happy mistake though, with how the cowl is made you really don’t see the gray, it just peeks out sometimes and looks pretty cool! kcw outfit 4 back Please excuse the grumpy faced girl, I think she will like the final outfit – Outfit #2 – as its a fun ruffle dress!  My girl is a fan of the dresses! kcw outfit 4 close up cowl One more pic, not on a grumpy girl!
kcw outfit 4 on hanger I definitely plan on making more knit pieces, and really want to try the shawl and hood versions of the Bimaa sweater too.  But I will probably start with a few play dresses which I know Miss O will love – and save up for a new serger (sorry old baby lock, I still love you!). Ok now time to go work on the final outfit!
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