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Leprechaun Bait printable bag topper

February 17, 2022

St. Patrick’s Day is now a month away and I wanted to add a free St. Patrick’s Day printable to the free printable library for the holiday.  In my research found this fun link from The Dating Divas. It’s a roundup of ideas for how to make a leprechaun trap!  So many fun ideas to try with your kiddos to catch that sneaky leprechaun.  And if you want to catch a leprechaun – you probably need some leprechaun bait. 

leprechaun bait bag topper printable on top of a bag of lucky charms

This fun printable will help make sure everyone knows who the treats are for and add a fun sparkle to your leprechaun hunting. 

The printable leprechaun bait bag toppers are so easy to prepare.  Just print, cut, fold and staple on top of a sandwich or snack size baggie full of Lucky Charms or whatever you think your leprechaun would like! 

leprechaun bait bag topper printable on top of a bag of lucky charms

They are free to download in the Free Printable library!  Don’t have the password, no problem – sign up here!  You will then have access to all of the free printables for holidays, birthdays, and more.  And get my fun emails with more party tips, inspiration, and designs.

Happy Leprechaun hunting!  And I am sure they won’t mind if you snack on some bait as well.

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