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Morning Routine Custom Printables

September 7, 2022

A friend asked me to create some morning routine custom printables for her crew of 3 boys.  She needed a way to get them all to be on the same page so they were all ready when they needed to head out the door.

She gave me the tasks they each needed to get done and what their favorite colors/characters were.  I created these cute printables that she laminated and the boys could mark off when they completed something with a dry-erase pen.

I love that she has them set out next to the boy’s school bags so they can stay on task!

Her youngest is in preschool and not reading yet so we used images for his chart.

She reported back that the boys loved them and that it was making mornings so much easier – Yay!!  Love it when custom printables solve a problem!

Custom printables are awesome and I love working with you to create something that works for you!  Need a chore chart, morning routine tracker, nighttime routine checklist, or something unique – contact me, and let’s figure out how a printable can help!

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