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Mushroom quilt for a grad!

May 29, 2024

My MO bestie’s middle child is graduating from high school this year and her mom mentioned she would love a mushroom quilt made with the Lesbian flag colors – Challenge Accepted!!

After researching I think I did a pretty good job finding the right fabrics for this project – the colors are just gorgeous!

Next step was to find the right mushroom quilt pattern. My head went immediately to Pen and Paper PatternsForest Fungi pattern

Her patterns are so awesome and I just loved the look of the mushrooms but wanted it all mushrooms.  After some quilt math (quite a bit since there are quite a few pieces that make up the mushrooms) I had the mushroom blocks all sewn up!

I backed it with a microfleece blanket (of course) in a really pretty orange, and quilted it with the Lovely Loops panto at Trace Creek Quilting.

Lilo was kind enough to take it out for pics with the other quilts so I got these great shots!

Excited for T as she heads off to college and continues in her women’s wrestling career!  Congratulations!

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