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My 10 Favorite Birthday cakes!

May 10, 2021

birthday cakes

I aspire to be a fabulous cake maker – but sadly, I am not!  I have made a few birthday cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops over the years that I was impressed with, but I had also hired professionals when my vision was just out of my reach! 

Here is a round-up of the top 10 favorite birthday cakes (or cupcakes or cake pops) I have served throughout the years!

10. Hot wheels birthday cake

birthday cakes

My first and last time working with fondant!  I dislike the taste, so I prefer my birthday cakes fondant-free, but if fondant is required, I will definitely leave it up to the professionals from here on out!

9.  Animal birthday cupcakes

These were challenging but fun.  They were early in my birthday party planning journey so they are a bit rough but I was so proud of myself for making them.  I found the ideas in the book – What’s New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. It’s full of adorable cupcake ideas!

8. Mario Odyssey Cappy birthday cake

birthday cakes

Yes a professional made this one!  It turned out absolutely perfect!

7.  Construction site birthday cake

birthday cakes

I helped my sister with this cake.  These types of cakes are a bit easier since the messy look is a benefit! The rock candy was an awesome addition.

6.  Hello Kitty birthday cake pops

These kitties were definitely stressful!  I don’t even remember how many I ruined but we got enough to serve and they turned out pretty cute!

5.  Aviator plane birthday cake

This cut-up cake was fun and came out looking like it was supposed to!  Thankfully it was for my baby nephew so he had no complaints! The cupcake “clouds” hid some imperfections as well.

4.  Monster truck birthday cake

birthday cakes

Piling cake up high and covering it with frosting and then smashing monster trucks into it was fun and the kids loved it! I think I used crumbled-up brownies for the dirt on top.

3.  Pikmi Pop birthday cake

birthday cakes

This cutie was created by Gigi B’s Sweet Temptations in St. Peters, MO – so beautiful and so tasty! It looked exactly like the inspiration pic we gave her.

2.  Kawaii Kitty birthday cake

birthday cakes

Another gorgeous cake from Gigi B!  She brought our vision to life – it was perfect and so yummy!

1. Garden Fairy birthday log cake

birthday cakes

This was a rolled log cake that I made myself!  I was so impressed with myself that it looked like what I had envisioned.  I found the edible butterflies at Etsy and they just perfected it!

Honorable mentions:  Monster birthday cake & Princess birthday cake

The monster cake was my first multi-tiered cake and the eyeballs were cake pops. For the doll cake I used a doll cake pan and Olive’s Rapunzel doll.

For more birthday cake inspiration check out my Amazing cakes Pinterest board! If you are curious about the parties that went with the cakes, you can check them out in my Party portfolio!

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