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My new serger

March 7, 2014

I have been so grateful for the use of my Mom’s old serger – it seriously has been so helpful in finishing projects, especially clothes for my kids.  But I am a little frightened by her.  I haven’t ever changed the thread color and didn’t plan on ever changing it.  She also shakes and is very loud.  So I decided to upgrade!  After looking at few reviews online for the Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed (and selling my old iphone) I bought it!
new serger Thanks to Amazon Prime 2 day shipping, the new serger has been at my house for over a week, but after the awesome Serger class at Sew Expo, I finally got it out of the box to set it up.  It came all threaded with 4 different color threads to show the threading paths, so I tested it a little.  It’s not silent, it still makes plenty of noise, but it doesn’t shake the table as it sews.  Granted its a “starter” serger (read less than $200 on amazon).  It’s definitely no where near the features, etc of this beautiful beast that I sewed on at the Sew Expo. sew expo huge serger This Baby Lock beauty is the ultimate goal – but will require a big boom in my business and a lot of saving, as she retails for $7500! Yikes!  But my new Brother does have features that the old Baby Lock didn’t have – like differential feed which I am really excited about!  The instructor at the class showed me how the serger can actually ruffle for you!  Amazing!  My new machine even came with a ruffling foot – this will save so much time! Yay!

I have big plans to make a lot of knit summer dresses/tshirts, etc for Miss O this year and my new Brother serger is going to become my best friend.  Sad to see the old Baby Lock go but excited to see how my skills improve with a new machine! old serger Packed up and waiting to find it’s box and head back to my Mom’s house!  Thanks old Baby Lock for letting me practice with you! Sorry I broke you that one time, but you got a nice cleaning and check up out of it!

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