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Party Favor Ideas for ages 0-2

April 19, 2022

party favor ideas for ages 0 - 2!

Party favors are something that you either love or hate, both as the party planning parent and the guest parent. I am on the love side of the argument, but I do not like the cheapy throw-away stuff! 

I really try my best to choose party favors that have these criteria:

  1. Economical (no need to blow the whole budget on the favors)
  2. Coordinates with the party theme (of course!)
  3. Useful (can be used for a while or at least a few days after the party)
  4. Age appropriate and fun for the kiddo!

Here are some party favor ideas that fit the criteria for the youngest of guests – Baby to 2 years old!

Board books

Babies and parents love books!  And you can generally find a board book to fit just about every theme.  They are relatively inexpensive and provide hours (if not years) of enjoyment for the kiddos.  Wrap up the book in a little ribbon with a tag and you have an awesome favor for the little ones!  This one was my daughter’s favorite book as a baby!

Rattle toy

Rattle toys come in all shapes and sizes and with a little research, you might be able to find one that goes with the party theme!

These car keys would be the cutest party favor idea for babies at a car-themed party. A quick Amazon search should give you lots of options at all prices.

Small stuffed toys

Finding a stuffed toy that matches the theme is pretty easy.  If you are a crafty person you can even make them.  Of course, make sure they are baby safe – no eyes that will pop off or anything cheaply made.

Large Helium balloons

This is a little bit different idea but I promise it would be a hit! 

If you are having an animal-themed party or any more common theme, you could give each of the little ones a fun-shaped balloon to take home.  They last forever (it seems like) and little ones love balloons! 

My daughter got the cutest pig balloon at a friend’s 1st birthday party and she loved it!!  An out-of-the-box idea but fun!

Healthy treat

If all else fails you can always find a yummy treat that the little ones enjoy.  Applesauce pouches, baby puffs, or yogurt melts – enjoyed by all!

Keeping your guests in mind when choosing a party favor is always appreciated by parents.  When I know there are going to be kids of all ages at a party – I will get different favors for the different age groups. 

At my kiddo’s joint bug birthday party (O was turning 4, V was turning 2) – I made small bug crochet toys for the babies, larger bug stuffies for the 2-year-olds, and got bug boxes with plastic bugs for the 4 years olds.  They all worked with the theme and were appropriate for the ages.

Check back next month for party favor ideas for preschoolers – age 3 to 5!

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