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Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

June 14, 2019

You have 10 kids coming to your house for your son’s 5th birthday party – you have the food, decorations and favors all figured out – but how are you going to keep 10 boys entertained between the food and cake?  Answer: Party Games!!

I always play 2 or 3 games/activities when planning my parties.   Staying with the theme of the party of course.  One of those games is a Pin the X style game! 

What’s that?  You remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey right?  These games are the same concept.  Pin the (whatever the game piece is) on the (main themed item).  For example:

Pin the TIRE on the MONSTER TRUCK!  This has been one of my most popular games – especially for the 3-5 year boy birthday crew!  The little boys love their monster trucks!  The awesome part of these games is that they can be personalized with the birthday kid’s name and age they are turning and can be used later as an awesome memento from their birthday!

Pin the CLOUD on the RAINBOW!  Another popular one!  So fun and so cute!  It even adds to the birthday décor!

Pin the Tail on the Mermaid! Another popular one – and when Ariel herself helps you play – Birthday Magic!

Pin the Badge on Rubble!  Paw Patrol was a favorite in our house when my son turned 4 and this game was a hit! You can only get this one in my web shop! As well as a Skye version.

To see all of my Pin the X games – go HERE and HERE! And if you don’t see your theme – no worries!  I would love to create a game just for you

Send me any theme suggestions for more games – I adore creating them and love love love seeing the kiddos playing them at their parties!

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