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Socially Distant Halloween Celebration Ideas for Families!

October 6, 2020

Thinking about Halloween this year and how to celebrate safely with your family? Here are some Socially Distant Halloween ideas to consider! For any of these options – you can dress up the house (or car) with my cute Halloween printables!

Halloween Car Parade

We are doing this for our school year this year – so I will share pics after it happens – but the idea is pretty simple! Send out invites (via email/text) with the date, time and route. Dress up yourself and your car and drive around the neighborhood! Great at a school, church or neighborhood!

Family Pumpkin Decorating Contest

carved pumpkins
Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

Take those pumpkin patch pumpkins from your Fall Family field trip and carve or decorate them! Each family member can carve or decorate their own pumpkin (little kids can team up with a parent) – then have another family member (not living with you) do the judging! Video chat with Nana or do a Facebook poll to see whose pumpkin people like best! Winner gets bragging rights (until next year!)

Socially Distant Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Socially distant Halloween scavenger hunt
Photo: MyPeanutButterPatch

Why not a scavenger hunt! Find the printable above HERE from My Peanut Butter Patch or search etsy for lots of printable options! Hide the items around your house or in your decor and go on a hunt! First one to find them all gets an extra large candy bar – or whatever is a prized item in your house! (for my kids it would be extra Switch time)

Socially Distant Halloween Egg Hunt

socially distant Halloween egg hunt
Photo: Activities for Kids

A fun way to get the Halloween candy this year would be to find it – Easter egg hunt style!! Pop those mini chocolate bars in leftover plastic easter eggs – and decorate them all spooky like. Or head over to amazon and get these super cute jack o lantern eggs! Click the image for my Amazon Affiliate link!

No matter what type of “egg” you use – it will still be a fun way to collect candy while being safe! You can hide them in the house if the weather is bad, or in the back yard! Use flashlights to help you search or for something even creepier – mark the spots with these creepy glowing critter! (Amazon affiliate link)

Scary (or not so scary) movie night at home!

movie night socially distant halloween

Turn off the house lights, lock the doors and snuggle in for a Halloween family movie night! Stock up on everyones favorite snacks and candy and enjoy the night together!

Trick or Treat in your house

If you have a bubble of people (friends/close family) you have been “quaranting” with – invite them over to create a trick or treat village INSIDE your house! Station an adult (or older sibling) at each door in the house — think bedroom doors, closet door, pantry door, garage door, etc. and have the kiddos dress up and “trick or treat” INSIDE! Why not! Just as fun and no outside elements to deal with!!

Family Halloween Game Night

You can have a traditional game night and just theme it for Halloween! Or if you are Animal Crossing New Horizons fans like my kiddos — ACNH is having a Halloween celebration starting at 5pm on 10/31! Here are more details on what thats all about! I know this will definitely be on our list for Socially Distant Halloween night this year!

Wishing you have a Happy and SAFE Halloween this year!! Feel free to comment with your ideas or contact me about custom Halloween invites and printables! I would love to help!!

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