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Sushi roll napkin rings! Tutorial included!

June 24, 2013

The blog has been on the quiet side because I have been busy with wedding stuff!  But YAY! my baby sister got married last weekend – it was a beautiful wedding!  More details will come soon, but today I wanted to share the wedding gift I made her.

I had purchased a fat quarter of a super cute sushi print fabric by Timeless Treasures a long time ago, planning on making fingertip potholders for my sister.  I bought her some Fiestaware dishes in an aqua color that matched the fabric perfectly, so I hunted the internet for more fabric and yay! I found some!

sushi fabric

I decided to make her some napkins with the sushi fabric as well as the potholders.  To go with the napkins I just had to make napkin rings that matched the sushi theme – why not a napkin ring that looks like a piece of sushi!!

finished sushi napkin ring

rings on napkins

Aren’t they cute!  Here is how I made them!

Step 1:  Gather supplies! Mod Podge, paint (white, green and pink), wood rings, floral tape.  I found the wood rings at Joanns with the wood crafts. supplies

Step 2:  Paint the top and bottoms of each wood ring with white paint. The “rice” part of the sushi. white paint

Step 3:  Cover body of wood ring with Mod Podge. 1st mod podge step

Step 4:  Wrap wood ring with floral tape.  The “seaweed” of the sushi roll.  Make sure to start as far over as you can on the flat part of the wood ring and wrap the tape around to get the desired look. wrap in floral tape

Step 5:  Cover floral tape with more Mod Podge.  Set aside and let dry.  I found that the floral tape curled a little, but I just smoothed it down with my fingers before it was completely dry and it turned out looking great. 2nd mod podge step

Step 6:  Paint the inside of the ring and let dry completely.  I decided to go with green and pink so it looked like one of the sushi drawings in the fabric, but you can choose whatever colors you like – depending what you like in your sushi roll!  The inside won’t show once the ring is on the napkin, but it makes it fun and finished looking! paint inside

All done!  Here is a picture of the final gift – 8 napkins and rings, 2 potholders and a small runner (I had to use the leftover fabric)! full sewn gift

My sister loved the gift and it was fun making it!!  Now go make some sushi roll napkin rings for the sushi lover in your life!  =)

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