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As part of the 6 weeks of Softies on Sew Mama Sew – they are having a contest – A Spectacular Softies Contest!  There are 4 different categories you can enter into: 1) This Is My First Stuffed Animal, Soft Toy or Cloth Doll  2) I Designed it Myself 3) Check Out These Details 4)…

My Spectacular (um maybe) softies contest entry

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stuffed animals

April 3, 2015

Remember Mrs. Squirrel?  It’s okay if you don’t – she was my June stuffie of the month last year.  You can check here out HERE!  Well, this year she had babies! Ok, she didn’t really have babies – I made them for her!  hehe  The friend I made the original Mrs. Squirrel for, really wanted…

Mrs. Squirrels’ new babies!

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stuffed animals

February 3, 2015

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