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Mrs. Squirrels’ new babies!

February 3, 2015

Remember Mrs. Squirrel?  It’s okay if you don’t – she was my June stuffie of the month last year.  You can check here out HERE!  Well, this year she had babies!

baby squirrels with title
Ok, she didn’t really have babies – I made them for her!  hehe  The friend I made the original Mrs. Squirrel for, really wanted squirrels for each of her kiddos, thus babies!

green squirrel front
This green guy is for big brother (yes he requested green).  I really wanted to put little alien antenna on him when I was making him, but I refrained!

green squirrel back
I love that he chose a green squirrel!

twin squirrels
For the twins, their Mommy picked gray and I added the cute little hearts on the sides so they can remember whose is whose.  I just had to match their noses to their pink or purple heart!

twin squirrels back
Cutie marks!

squirrel babies
So here are Mrs. Squirrel’s babies!  Now the family is complete!

o with pink squirrel
Oh and I had to make my little squirrel one too – pink of course!

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