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Miss O has a wiggly tooth! Time for tooth fairy pillow!

January 29, 2015

A few weeks ago we noticed that Miss O had a wiggly tooth!  Actually she has an adult tooth coming up already and pushing the baby tooth out!  So I knew I needed to get a particular project done that I had on my list.  A Tooth Pillow!!

fairy tooth pillow

I had pinned/bookmarked this cute tooth pillow from  MmmCrafts a long time ago and really wanted to make them for my kids when the time came!  So one afternoon, I had Miss O help me pick out the different colors of felt and determine how we were going to dress up her tooth pillow.  Loosely following the example from the tutorial we decided on a fairy tooth pillow.  I drew patterns for the wings and crown and we found a pretty piece of ribbon to dress her up.

fairy tooth pillow close up

The pillows are just adorable and so helpful!  When Miss O’s tooth finally comes out (any day now), she can put the tooth in the little mouth pocket and hang it on her door, so the tooth fairy has easy access to it!  I know the tooth fairy will appreciate that!

superhero tooth pillow

Since I was making one for O, I went ahead and made a tooth pillow for V at the same time.  Mr. V decided on the main color and then I dressed him up like a superhero, complete with a superman-esque hair curl!  Hopefully its a few years before V needs him but Super Tooth will be ready!

superhero tooth pillow close up

The tutorial was very easy to follow and both pillows only took a few hours to sew up and finish!  The Tooth Fairy will thank me for sure! =)

fairy and superhero tooth pillows

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