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The new look of jeni ro designs!

February 6, 2013

I am so excited!  I feel like such a big girl now – I finally have a cohesive looking brand across all my sites!  I have been working with a designer (Pink Pueblo, check out her shop below) for the past few weeks to come up with a look and feel for jeni ro designs – something fun and playful – so everyone knows that fun gifts are my passion – mostly for kids now but I have plans, oh yes I have plans!

Introducing the new look of jeni ro designs!!

Pink is one of my favorite colors, so it had to be included.  I wanted a fun icon – and I am a Leo so you can’t go wrong with a lion.  And blue because its pretty and I wanted to show that I make gifts for girls AND boys!  So much fun!

On this blog I am planning on posting craft and sewing tutorials and tips and showcasing my creations.  Check back tomorrow for a fun tutorial – my first one!  In the meantime click the “Shop” link above and check out my etsy shop.  I have big plans this weekend to do some serious creating, so look for new stuff in the shop next week too!

Thanks for visiting jeni ro designs!  And thanks for the smile!

And don’t forget to check out my fabulous designers etsy shop too – if you ever need fun graphics!!  Such cute stuff! Click on the link under the image!


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