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The Princess and the Dwarf – Halloween costumes 2013

October 30, 2013

Its been a little busy around here – so the poor blog has been neglected – but I am here now to finally share my kids’ Halloween costumes!!


This is the first year I have made both costumes – their first few Halloweens we leaned on good old Carters and Costco!  This year I was determined to make them!


O insisted on being a princess again this year, last year she was Rapunzel.  I tried to talk her into something else, Rainbow Dash was one suggestion, but she wouldn’t have it.  I had her tell me which princess she wanted to be – and it was a quick – Snow White! SONY DSC

I decided to go with the full Disney Snow White costume using a trusty Simplicity pattern (2817 to be exact).  There were a lot of pieces but it came together pretty easily — only had to get out the seam ripper a few times.  The cape and collar are removable which is nice for things like the preschool Halloween party.  I made the bodice a size 5, but she is so skinny she has room (She is a tall 4 year old!).  I used the size 6 for the cape and skirt so there will be plenty of life in this costume beyond Halloween.  We are planning a Disney trip for next year and I wanted her to be able to wear it when we have lunch with the princesses!  Since the NW is a bit chilly around Halloween, we layered the dress with a navy long sleeve t-shirt.  I think she is adorable and she seemed pretty comfortable in the dress!


SONY DSC We had a fun little photo shoot after the preschool Halloween party today!  The kids ran and ran!



And for V, since O insisted on Snow White, V’s costume was an easy choice – Dopey the dwarf!


I used the Bimaa sweater pattern by Lou Bee Clothing that I got in an awesomely priced Sew Fab pattern bundle!  Once I saw the pattern I knew that it would be perfect for the Dopey costume with that fabulous cowl!  I made a 4T size with the 6 length for my 2 year old since Dopey’s outfit is big and droopy – and the cowl part was perfect but the body was tight!   So I had to go back in and put triangles into the sides of the body and sleeves.  It actually was a happy accident since it just made it so perfect, giving it the swingy nature of Dopey’s coat!  Its made from a super cozy fleece so he will be nice and warm while trick or treating!

SONY DSC For Dopey’s hat – I loosely followed this slouch beanie tutorial from Cotton + Curls.  I freehanded the shape of the back of the hat and actually had to add another triangle because it was too tight on V.  I think I messed up on the direction of the stretch of the fleece, but oh well it worked out!

The ears I totally freehanded.  Stuffed them a little and stitched a little “ear” detail and sewed them to the sides of the fleece cap.  Yeah they pretty much make the outfit!!  V has gotten a lot of oohs and ahhs this week since he has gotten to wear it to twice already!

SONY DSC I have to say that it was a tad stressful with all the jeni ro stuff going on but I am really happy that I made their costumes!  I am hoping I can do it every year! SONY DSC

Going to be a lot of fun with these two tomorrow night!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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