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Tips for Planning Party Food

April 9, 2021

planning party food

Even at a kid’s party, sometimes it’s all about the food!  Here are some tips for planning party food that will be a hit with the birthday kiddo and their guests.**

What to serve

For me planning party food always revolves around the party theme!  Once the theme is decided, I like to brainstorm kid-friendly food that will work well with the theme.

I also make sure and keep my kid in mind. What are their favorite foods?  Chances are their friends will like the same things.

We served fairy bread sandwiches, cheese and crackers in butterfly and flower shapes, and strawberry/marshmallow toadstools—all yummy kid-friendly food for my daughter’s garden fairy birthday with a garden fairy flair.

Another example, for my son’s monster truck party, we served Monster truck oil and gas (chocolate milk and apple juice), Smashed car sliders (mini burgers), Spare tires (chocolate donuts), and Oil Sludge (individual chocolate pudding cups).

Planning Party Food TIP:  Write a list of your kid’s favorite foods. Think of those foods in terms of the theme to give them fun names.  It doesn’t have to be perfect – even having just a few “themed” foods is fun!  Check out my party portfolio for theme inspiration!

How much to serve

When it comes to how much food to provide, think of who the guests are coming to the party.  Younger kids won’t eat much, but the older kids could surprise you and eat a ton!   Are the adults staying? If they are, having at least one “adult” food is a nice touch.

I found this fun graphic from the Food Network with a guide for kid’s party.

Leftovers are okay in my book and generally with kid food it can be saved for later.

When to serve

When to serve the food will depend on your party’s timing, but I generally like to have the food out and available when the party starts.  Kids (and adults) can start snacking right away, or you can schedule time in your party plan for a sit-down meal/snack. 

Dressing up at a fun table makes the kids want to sit with their friends and chat and eat.  And even the kiddos who don’t want anything can be a part of the conversation.

Depending on the timing and size of your party – the food offerings can vary.  Generally, offering a few snacks, drinks, and cake is plenty for a kid’s party.  You can really have as much fun as you want.  The kiddos will love it either way! But of course, cake/dessert is a requirement!  Hehe

I hope these tips are helpful!  Check out my party portfolio for more party food ideas by theme and party inspiration in general!

**Party tips assume everyone is being Covid safe and partying with their bubbles or have been quarantining/fully vaccinated.  Stay safe, friends!

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