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1st Farmer’s Market recap

April 22, 2014

My 1st Issaquah Farmer’s Market experience was definitely a memorable one.  Why?  Well because of the rain of course! It wouldn’t be the NW without it!  Anyway, more on that later.

We started the day early and packed up the truck (Mr. Ro did a fabulous job of puzzle piecing everything in) and headed over to the market at about 7:15am!  Thankfully we live about 5 minutes from the market, quick and easy trip!

fm 4-19 truck packed

The day started out actually kind of nice in the weather dept. No rain, cloudy with sunshine peeking out at times. I was thinking – Yay! This is going to be a good day!
We checked in and paid the booth fee and drove the truck to our spot – #401! Unloaded the truck, popped up the tent with hubby’s help and I started setting up while he moved the truck out of the way.

4-19 booth

The booth came together pretty easily (glad I did the test run in the driveway). I thought it looked really good!

fm 4-19 stuffies The stuffies hanging out on the table.

fm 4-19 blanket ladder Blanket ladder with girly blankets in the back corner.

fm 4-19 lovey purse stands Trees with loveys and little lady purses!

4-19 booth close Closer view of the whole booth!  I was ready to go!

fm 4-19 first sale

My first sale was to a fellow preschool Mom!  So fun to see friends at the market – some of my friends came just to see me!

fm 4-19 fam saying hi

Of course my sweet family stopped by to visit – oh and eat some popcorn!  My Mom was hanging out with the kids while Mr. Ro helped me out throughout the day!

fm 4-19 o with flowers

Miss O showing me the flowers Nana bought her before they left for home!  Oh and sooooo glad they left when they did, because not 15 minutes later the STORM rolled in!  It seriously was crazy!  Wind gusts, tents shaking and blanket ladders falling (almost knocking over a giant glass bowl in the next booth (they didn’t have a tent – and I caught the bowl).  So I had to shift things, bungy the blanket ladders to the tent and immediately called my hubby to GO GET TENT ANCHORS!  STAT!

He came back 45 minutes later with tent anchors in hand!  By that point the rain was so crazy that my pretty pink rug was soaked and the back corner of my table was too.  Blankets were getting wet, stuffed animals were getting wet – it was overall miserable.  There were a few shoppers still sticking around but as it got closer and closer 2pm (close of market) – it was empty.  So the vendors chatted and commiserated.   Ahh I was so hopeful the rain would hold off, but nope we got a doozy of a storm!

fm 4-19 wet

Here a shot of the wet aisle in front of my booth, it doesn’t really do it justice though.  I was soaked (thankfully I did bring 2 coats) and a lot of my stuff was wet! ugh!  Oh well, thankfully water dries and it really didn’t destroy anything (other than a few business cards).

I did learn a few things though:

1) Must have tent anchors (which we remedied during market).

2) Must have side walls (will be purchasing those soon).

3) Our tent leaks! (Ahh have to fix that!)

4) Bring towels just in case.

5) Maybe arrange the table in the space a bit differently next time, just for practical reasons (like getting to my bags and supplies).

I had 2 lovely sales though, and a lot of compliments on my booth and my items.  I also got to chat with a few of the other vendors, all nice people.  It was definitely a icky wet start but I am hoping we will have a fabulous summer and overall this will be fun! (Crossing fingers)!

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