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5 Tips for Choosing a Birthday Party Theme

April 23, 2019

When choosing a theme for my daughter or son’s next birthday party – I follow these few simple tips:

1.  Plant the seed early!  It may seem silly but even 6 months before their birthday is okay – having plenty of time to plan is a luxury.

2.  Pay attention to what they are currently interested in.  Does he play with his dinosaurs all the time? Is she obsessed with unicorns?

3.  Chat with your child (if they are old enough) about what they might want for a birthday party theme and try to get them to narrow down to 2 themes.

4.  Look for inspiration!  You can find it just about anywhere – a favorite outfit, a toy, a piece of fabric.

5.  Keep the theme idea in your mind as you are out shopping/living – you just might stumble on the perfect thing to make the party special! Especially if it might be a theme that will be out of season when the birthday rolls around.  For example:  Bug theme party thrown in the winter (the best bug themed items are usually sold in the spring – think bug catchers, nets, etc).

Currently my daughter is into the Pikmi Pop toys and she will be turning 10 in August- so we are going to plan a sleepover for a few of her friends with a lollipop/Pikmi Pop theme!

For more inspiration, check out the parties I have thrown over the years!

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