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Aviator 1st Birthday Games & Fun – jeni ro parties

May 18, 2016

Welcome to part 2 of my nephew’s 1st birthday party – the Games and Fun!  If you missed part 1 – check it out HERE!

T in ball pit with hat

I planned a few games for the party since we had a lot of space to use in my sister’s backyard. First was a fun ball pit! So easy yet so fun for the little ones and frankly kids of all ages!  This awesome picture was taken by my sister’s friend – Jaime Bugbee Photography.  I made the aviator hat for T using this pattern by Repeat Crafter Me, soooo adorable!

aviator bday ball pit jeni ro designs

Like I said, the big kids had fun in the ball pit too!

aviator bday pin the prop game jeni ro designs

I love printable games, so I had to create one for T’s party!  A fun Pin the Propeller on the Plane game!  This is a printable 20″ x 30″ poster that can easily be sent to Costco Photo (or another printing place) and makes a super cute and fun game for the kids.

aviator bday girls playing pin the prop game jeni ro designs

T’s cousins had a blast!

aviator bday flying school poster jeni ro designs

Another activity was this Flying School game.  The players created their own paper airplanes and then tried to fly them through the holes at “Flying School”.

aviator bday airplane folding instructions jeni ro designs

Paper and instructions for how to fold a paper airplane were provided.

aviator bday o playing flying school jeni ro designs

Then just let it fly!  I love that I got an action shot of O’s airplane!!

aviator bday stunt gliders and sign jeni ro designs

There were also stunt gliders that I found at Michael’s that the kids (and adults) could fly around the yard.

aviator bday photo booth jeni ro designs

The last “activity” was my favorite!  A fun photo booth!!  Complete with cardboard box airplane!!

aviator bday photo props and sign jeni ro designs

I made simple aviator hats out of fleece and googles from foam sheets for the guests to put on and snap a pic!

Trevors 1st bday cousin pic

This picture is my favorite!  The birthday boy surrounded by his big cousins in the photo booth!  Such good sports and so adorable!  Love these kids!

aviator bday trevor family pic with cake

It was a very Happy 1st Birthday for T!  Thanks to my beautiful baby sister and brother-in-law for letting me plan and execute this fun party!!

T airplane with jacket

Look at that gorgeous boy!  Happy Birthday Trevor!!

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