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Save the memories with a DIY Birthday Book!

August 14, 2019

This project has been on my list for almost a year now – and we just got them updated before the next birthday parties!  I blogged about  birthday books back in 2013 – see the post HERE.
But now my daughter is just about to celebrate her 10th birthday – so we have 9 birthdays worth of cute cards in her book already! It’s getting so huge!

The kids love pulling out these books every once in a while (more often as their birthdays approach) and look at all the cards and messages from friends and family over the years!

For this update the kiddos helped sort the pictures and cards and helped arrange them!

They are simple to create!  Grab a scrapbook (needs to be one without the plastic covers) and glue/tape in your birthday cards from that year.  I like to include a few pictures from the party on the first few pages and then it’s just cards, dressed up on the page with just a little bit of pretty paper, stickers or leftover decorations from the party!

The cards can be opened and the messages read.

It’s a great way to remember and preserve the birthday greetings year after year! So save those birthday cards and put them in a birthday book – your kids will love them!

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