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3 Tips to be the Best Gift Giver Ever!

August 20, 2019

I think gift giving can be somewhat of an art! 

I really do try to think about what the person may really want, what they are interested in, favorite color, etc. 

Here are a few questions to think about (or heck maybe even ask them) before picking out that next birthday gift!

  1. What colors do you notice them wearing a lot?  Do you know their favorite color?
    • Use that color in your choice of wrapping or gift bag
  2. What is the hobby or activity that they love?  Have you heard them talk about wanting to try something new?
    • Look for something related to this hobby or activity!  If they love to paint – maybe a new brush set or gift card to Michaels.  If they love to play basketball – maybe a water bottle or a team t-shirt.
  3. Do they collect something or have a favorite type of animal?
    • My sister loved turtles for the longest time – so I tried to find cute turtle themed items, and my daughter loves cats so I know anything with a cute cat will be a hit!

Gifts do not have a to cost a lot of money.

I am a firm believer that it is the thought that counts the most – as long as you actually put some thought into it!  And of course, no one gets it perfect, so be sure to get a gift receipt!!

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